Entertainment host, MC, best in private events!
Experienced in hosting events for 8 to 25k participants
Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Host
Cyril Gromov
Personalized ceremonies and customized private events
- Smooth Guest Greetings: Handshakes, fist bumps, and air high-fives. I can break the ice like a pro.
- Banishing Awkward Silences: No crickets allowed! Witty banter, fun facts, and maybe a dance move or two.
- Entertainment Galore: Trivia games, surprise dance-offs, impromptu karaoke. Energy high, crowd engaged.
- Party Architect: Themed soirées to wild ragers. Guests talking for weeks.
- Unity Master: Corporate conference or backyard BBQ, our maestro unites like a human magnet.
- Personal Comfort Guru: Need a tissue? A chair? Warm hug wrapped in charisma.

And that's not all:

- Intellectual Swagger: Einstein at a hip-hop concert. Smart, but drops knowledge like it's hot.
- Zero Pretentiousness, All Empathy: No monocles or top hats. Genuine vibes and understanding nods.
- Got Questions? Ask Away!: My inbox open 24/7!

So, whether it's a swanky gala or a backyard BBQ, our Event Maestro Extraordinaire has you covered.

Feel free to ask if you need anything else!
Event Maestro Extraordinaire
MC/Host Only — $ 150 — $ 350/hour depending on the event format and duration.
What’s Included:
— Development of entertaining content for the event
— Assistance in concept creation
— Event hosting
— Interaction with guests before, during, and after the event
— Event organization support (if needed, from venue selection to team assembly)
— Ensuring the event is dynamic, engaging, and fun
Oceanfront Wedding Ceremony All-Inclusive Package
An engaging, custom ceremony that will let you and your guests relive your love story.
— Certified master of ceremonies
— Sound system
— Decoration
— Catering
— Team assembly (if needed)