graphic and web editors
Beautiful, convenient, increasing conversion - stylish landing pages, presentations, mobile applications and corporate sites
Principles of work
I meet deadlines, resept your and my times
You will always be aware at the stage the work is
I don't disappear from project, i prefer to resolve all issues through dialogue
We conduct interviews, discuss tasks, goals and requirements for the future site. We are determined with terms and cost.
I research the market through competitive and visual analysis. I find out the needs of the target audience and make up the logical structure of the site.
I develop the design of one page of the site for a general understanding of the direction. We discuss, if necessary, I make changes.
visual concept
Based on the agreed concept, I design the remaining pages, as well as adaptive versions for tablet and mobile devices.
Design of all pages
I transfer the approved design to Tilda. I set up relevant animation, basic SEO, etc.
Based on the analytics, I make a website prototype (block structure, without design). I select references